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How to Choose the Best Wedding Photo Booth Vendor

Usually when people get all dressed up and are looking amazing with their friends and family, they love to take lots of images. That is why having a photo booth at your party and wedding is so famous. Not only does a photo booth give a fun activity for guests, but they also get a keepsake from the wedding. As with every famous element for a wedding, people get bored of seeing the same old, same old.

Couples want their wedding to be unique and different, so that is why I am going to provide you some tips on how to pick the best wedding photo booth vendor:

Photo booth company reputation

Perform lots of research before picking your photo booth rental service. Find out how long the firm has been in business, spend time on their site, and read the reviews on trusted websites making a commitment. Years of experience and lots of right customer reviews are the best indication that you will love working with them.

Confirm the wedding photo booth hire camera type

Your photo booth should have a DSLR camera that delivers top standard, best photo booth prints and images. The staff managing the photo booth should be capable of telling the type of camera they use. Don’t settle for a webcam booth, no matter the price. You deserve the high standard photo booth pictures that you and your guests can enjoy for years.

Customer support and service

Ensure your rental comes with high standard customer service. Pick a vendor, who makes you relax, walks you through all your options, provides guidance from beginning to finish, and handles any technical problems that arise. In case of an emergency the day of the wedding or event, you are safer with a firm that provides a small team of attendants as opposed to a one man show.

Check out the different types of photo booth rental options

Bridals shows are one of the best places to check out different kinds of photo booths. Black and white photo booths include a sweet, relaxed vibe to your reception. Green screen photo booths can transport your guests into your theme.

Lighting equipment

Right lighting is an important aspect of best photography. If you want to reject things like overexposed faces, bad shadows, and blurry or dark images, ensure your photo booth vendor has lots of lighting equipment in their arsenal. Take a look at their photo booth rental setup, does it come equipped with extra lighting?

Features and technology

Photo booths have been around for a while, but those with the modern specs and tech take things to the next level. Ask your vendor whether they provide photo filters, digital prints, a designated GIF booth, and email or texting option for simple social media sharing.

Wedding photo booth cost

Many variables can affect wedding or party photo booth costs like the length of your event, package types, add-ons, wedding location, and whether your event is the peak season like April, May, September, October, or during off-peak season months. Pricing can begin anywhere around £100/hour with most photo booths needing a certain minimum number of hours to book. And, definitely, weekends are the most costly time to book year-round with Saturday generally running the highest.

Is it worth having a photo booth rental at your wedding?

More fun than all other types of entertainment

People love the chance to get crazy and silly in front of a camera and the booth is a remarkable way to do this. It helps break the ice and provides everyone something to bond over during the party.

Guests are naturally drawn to the photo booth, so you can calm and enjoy your party instead of hesitating about how to break the ice or keep people entertained.

There is no excellent way to save memories

If you want to save the memories of your family reunion, there is no excellent way. Think about it, every person is getting together for the first time in probably years, so why not have something that every person use and share?

It is a remarkable way for future generations to see how everyone looked back then. Guests are way more calm and candid in a wedding photo booth than in posed images, so you can expect to capture some amazing prints!

It is the best party activity for all ages. Teens, children, senior citizens, and adults can all enjoy the fun of a photo booth.

Everyone contributes

Every person gets to contribute their photo in an album, along with messages and comments they want to share. The result is a physical memento that can be passed down via generations.

Strangers are very friendly

Strangers strike up talks while waiting for their turn and pose for shots combine, before you know it, every person is getting on swimmingly.

Get the best wedding photo booth rental

You are going to have a lot of questions about your party photo booth, so it is vital to find a firm that you can believe in.

When looking to hire a photo booth firm consider picking a local photo booth vendor. It is the best way to support your community.

You should also look at the status of the online company.

A truly professional photo booth

As professionals in the entertainment industry, it is vital for photo booth vendors to give an amazing, seamless, experience for you and your guests.

At Wards Entertainment, we know you need experts that will blend into your wedding day and keep things running perfectly behind the scenes.

Your wedding or party day is about the love shared between you and your dear one. And will be there to capture the wonderful memories you may have missed while off doing what newlyweds do.

What do you think is the most vital element of a wedding?

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