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Photo Booth Hire for your wedding

Updated: Feb 16

Wards Entertainment is the number 1 accessory for party & wedding photo booth hire, with our award-winning and professional service, our photo booths and a complete range of fun photo experience products will keep your guests thrilled for hours.

Our photo booths capture all the unique moments and fun as well as provide your guests with a custom printout to take home. To make your party & wedding that little more special, why not add in our remarkable guestbook & double strip service, where family and friends can take a copy away whilst sticking the other in the guestbook along with a wonderful message.

We are a family-run business providing high-standard photo booth hire with personalized, remarkable customer service.

Take as many images as you like, individually, with loved ones, family, and friends. With everyone together, enjoying and celebrating the occasion we can capture you at your most relaxed and glamorous.

Pose like a Hollywood film star against our charming photography backdrops and we will provide you with stylish, elegant photographs to take home and treasure forever.

Why do we have a wedding photo booth?

Nowadays, you will rarely find a big event or wedding without a photo booth because people just love them. Photo booths are the best form of event entertainment as they generally provide different silly props like masks, wigs, and signs that make guests laugh. Whether you are planning a wedding or any other kind of celebration, here are the reasons why you need to set up a photo booth at your next event or wedding.

For the experience and entertainment

A photo booth is guaranteed to be one of the best parts of your wedding because it is something every person can be part of as well. Adults will have a wonderful time acting like kids even if it is only for a minute! A photo booth brings out the funny side of people, even the camera-shy people are likely to join in the fun.

For the high-quality photos and strips

People love photos. Everyone can capture a selfie with their phone, but photo booths are likely to have professional cameras and high-standard printers that result in stunning images. A photo booth is the best way to ensure everyone gets the best-looking photo during your wedding reception. Plus, it is the best party favor and a memorable experience for you and your guests. Photo strips from a photo booth can be customized to add your name, the theme of your wedding, and the wedding date.

Perfect wedding favor

Most photo booths provide unlimited prints for every guest, providing them with the best wedding keepsake and saving you some serious cash. You can customize them with wedding logos, and graphics, and even say thank you on the print! Ditch the matchboxes and bubbles your guests will just end up throwing away. When was the last time you threw away an image of yourself? Your guests and family will put the print on their refrigerator to remember your special wedding for years to come.

It can help to better the atmosphere

Events can become boring if not planned rightly. Wedding photo booth hire are a remarkable ice breaker and an affordable, simple, hands-off source of entertainment that will make people enjoy themselves, make some memories at your wedding, and get to know one another.

Use it as a guest book

Having your guest sign the prints and adding them in a guest book with their good wishes!

It is very fun and loving

Enjoying in front of the photo booth is just plain fun for both you and your guests. Laugh the night away while arresting moments you will cherish forever.

How much does a wedding photo booth cost in the UK?

On average, most couples in the UK, spend between £450 to £1000 on wedding rentals, with photo booth hire starting prices at about £250.

Take into account that this varies based on the photo booth type you pick for your wedding and the amount of time the photo booth is up and running.

How long does it take to set up the wedding booth?

Good news for you! Set up generally only takes between 30 to 45 minutes. Attendants will arrive an hour before your event is set to start and will make sure that everything is best to go for your big day! Another plus: the setup is added to the price! No extra fees = no extra stress!

When should we begin the photo booth?

We advise starting your booth rental after the ceremony or event because there is no reason to pay for it when all eyes are on you anyway.

Most couples plan to employ the photo booth during the early evening so guests can take pictures and get your mind out of the gutter!

Early evening allows guests to have a few snacks or drinks. During this time, guests start to loosen up and begin socializing – and they still look their best.

photo booth love heart
Love Hearts

Wedding Photo Booth Features

All of our wedding photo booth hire packages come with more than one visit to the booth. This means that guests can take complete advantage of the chance to take some fun and silly pictures as well as more serious family ones. Each visit to the booth comes with a print too, so every person can leave the event with a memory of the day.

If you are hosting a themed wedding reception and would love your wedding photo booth images to fit in, we can adapt our prop box to match your needs. Alternatively, if you would prefer not to have props or have your ideas, let us know we will help you.

End words

People love taking images of themselves, so every guest will for sure try the photo booth you set up at your wedding. They will get their printed pictures with the date and name of your event and likely share them on social media. If the photo does end up on social media, it will always be remembered as it will pop up in people’s memory year after year, and you will have created a wonderful wedding or event.

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